Wills & Estate Planning

At Morris Notary we offer a wide range of notary services.

Planning your will and estate with Morris Notary

From our many years of experience providing legal services in BC, we’ve seen how stressful, overwhelming, and costly it can be for families when there is no proper will or estate plan in place after the death of a loved one.

With the help of a wills and estate planning lawyer, you can easily create a legal will or estate today that will not only ensure that your assets go to the recipients you have in mind, but save time and money and prevent unnecessary grief.

What is the difference between will and estate planning?

You are probably more familiar with the idea of a “will” than an “estate plan.” A will is a standalone document in which you detail where you want your assets to go after your death. In it, you also have the opportunity to designate an executor of estate and outline any burial wishes you may have.

An estate plan is more comprehensive in that it includes documents that are effective during your lifetime. For example, an estate plan outlines who can make medical and financial decisions in the case that you are unable to do so. An estate plan includes a will, but this is only one of many documents involved.

We offer both wills and estates planning at Vancouver-based notary and we are happy to talk through the best option for your situation.

How can Morris Notary help me with my will and estate planning?

There are quite a few reasons to involve one of our qualified estate lawyers or notaries when you are making complex decisions related to your assets and resources. For example, when it comes to will planning, a notary can ensure that your will is considered legal. Several things can prevent your will from being considered valid⏤it’s not as simple as making some notes and signing your name at the bottom.

Or, you may have questions about the best options for your estate planning situation. Would you benefit more from a will or from a trust? What should you keep in mind when choosing between a joint will and a mutual will? An experienced notary or estate lawyer at Morris Notary can help you figure out the details and handle your assets in a way that reflects your particular situation.

In order to ensure that your resources and estate are passed on in the manner you want, we are here to make all legal documentation accessible and valid at your time of need.

Why should I choose Morris Notary?

Our flexible, personalized approach and years of experience distinguish our notary from other firms. We keep accessibility and convenience at the top of our priority list, with mobile legal services to ensure that your needs are met with as little hassle as possible. A lawyer can travel to you to start drafting your will or planning your estate before a complicated situation arises. If that’s not a reason to get started with thinking through end-of-life matters today, we don’t know what is!

Get started on your will or estate planning today

When you work with Morris Notary to prepare your will or plan your estate, you can ensure that your legacy remains strong. Let us take care of your wills and estates by booking your appointment today. Contact our downtown law firm today.

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