Why Should You Work With A “Mobile” Notary Public?

June 26, 2019 | Published by

A mobile notary public is able to provide you with legal services at your convenience.

Whether you’re limited by time or mobility, your mobile notary public accommodates your schedule and physical abilities by visiting you at your location, instead of the other way around.

Why do you need a mobile notary public?

A key component in any notarization, is the presence of your lawyer or notary public when you are signing the necessary documents. This makes it difficult for those with hectic schedules to get key documents notarized – especially if they are time-sensitive.

While many residents in Vancouver choose our mobile notary services to accommodate their busy schedules, we also encourage those who may have mobility issues to consider this option. Health of a loved one, especially the elderly, can require special accommodation.

By booking a mobile appointment with Morris Notary, you can ensure that your documents are notarized quickly and correctly, without the extra hassle of leaving your location.

We offer a variety of mobile notary services

At Morris Notary, we employ lawyers to service a broad range of legal matters. Many of these matters can fall under mobile notary services. Ultimately, we want to provide the best legal services to you with your best interests in mind, so feel free to contact our legal office to make any specific requests.

You should consider contacting us if you are considering any of the following:

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’ll need the services of a notary public or lawyer to notarize the proper documents. It is our mission at our legal firm to provide affordable, accessible and efficient notary public and legal services.

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