Why Do Vancouverites Love Our Real Estate Notary?

November 22, 2019 | Published by

Why do Vancouverites love our real estate notary?

At Vancouver Downtown Notary, our notaries public have an average 5-star rating on Google Reviews, with over 120 reviews submitted as of writing.

Time and time again, our real estate clients note that not only is Vancouver Downtown Notary convenient and affordable, but also accommodating and efficient.

We are humbled by each and every one of our reviews, as it is our privilege to connect with and help individuals across BC. When we first launched our notary services we knew that we wanted to create a space where legal services were accessible, affordable and convenient.

Here are some themes that come up in our client reviews:

Beautiful and convenient location

As Melissa stated – the ambience is everything! We moved to our current office in May, after much deliberation to ensure that we could offer the most pleasing experience to our guests. Our notary office is located at a convenient location just off of Waterfront Station, so you don’t have to worry about walking too far for your appointment.

Quick and effective, above and beyond

We strive to provide only excellence with all of our notary services and are humbled to hear that our clients recognize our efforts.

At the end of the day, it’s because of clients like you that keep us motivated in delivering excellent notary services, whether in real estate or otherwise, to everything that walks through our doors.
We aim to stay true to our roots in everything we do, aiming to keep our services accessible to all. Especially as a real estate notary in Vancouver, we believe in embracing and celebrating diversity. No matter what your background or associated community, we hope you’ll consider Vancouver Downtown Notary as your real estate notary of choice. Contact us today!