Using a Realtor And Notary/Lawyer in Real Estate Conveyancing

April 29, 2016 | Published by

Why is it important to have a Realtor in a conveyancing transaction?

When a client is trying to purchase real estate there can be considerable stress upon them. Do they use a Realtor? Do they use a Lawyer? Do they try to go ahead and complete the process themselves? This is just the beginning of what needs to be consider when starting a conveyancing transaction.

Smart buyers will use both a realtor and a lawyer.

Having an experienced lawyer and a realtor join forces can be a remarkable for the client. A realtor has the ability and training to find the client a perfect home and has the time to schedule showings and attend them with the client, where a lawyer does not. Moreover, the lawyer will need to provide legal advice and upon completion draft your offer and or to complete the final contract. An experienced lawyer also helps ensure the deal will close and having a knowledgeable realtor, often allows the difference in timely completion and cost.

A client can also benefit from having a lawyer a part of the transaction to avoid any legal issues. For example, a seller may sign a brokerage agreement that does not deal with a number of legal problems. This can easily happen since realtors and individuals often use standard forms, expecting that they will cover all conditions.

Lawyers and realtors also have access to different information, when collaborating this allows the transaction to go smoother for the client. Other advantages of having a realtor throughout the conveyancing transaction can guarantee the client is getting a reasonable and good price for a home. Further they will be able to identify concerns that the client may not see, as well as recommend an independent home inspector who will provide a detailed report on problems with the home.

A realtor will be aware of features that do not show on the Internet when searching themselves. This will save the client time and ensure they are not missing out on a specular home. A vigilant buyer will employ both a realtor and a lawyer in order to receive excellent service while making what may be the biggest purchase of a lifetime.