Using A Notary To Declare Common-Law Union

December 13, 2017 | Published by

Each year, thousands of foreign-born people living in Vancouver make the decision to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Many chose to make a joint application with their partner. When doing this, the services of a notary public are required.

Using A Notary Public When Applying For Canadian Permanent Residency

Canadian Immigration requires those who are making a joint application for residency prove that they are in a Common-Law relationship. Any couple who is in a marriage-like relationship can do this. Applicants will be advised on the documents they need to provide as proof of the relationship. Once all of this has been prepared, before the application is submitted, a couple must visit a notary public, or lawyer.

A notary public, or lawyer, can legally act as an official witness to document signing, unlike friends and family. The process of meeting with a notary public over a Common-Law status can be very quick.

Why Choose Morris Notary?

Morris Notary’s Downtown Vancouver location has attracted many people who are applying for Canadian permanent residency in the past. Our notary public Kieran, is also a fully licensed and practicing lawyer. His years of experience means he is well versed in what Immigration Canada expect from Common-Law applicants.

Many of those applying for Canadian Permanent Residency are currently in Canada on a two year International Experience Canada visa. The two year length can cause a sense of urgency to submit a permanent residency application before the existing visa expires. At Morris Notary, we appreciate that time isn’t a luxury that everyone has, so we always have same-day notary public appointments available in our Vancouver office.

To those who may find it difficult to visit us, we offer mobile notary services too. Our notary public is able to come to you to provide any of our notary services or ask us if you are currently looking for a lawyer too and we can combine this into one visit.

If you are looking for a notary to help you prove your Common-Law status, contact our notary public office today to schedule in an appointment or arrange a home or work visit.