Smart Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

April 6, 2016 | Published by

While you most certainly would hire a qualified lawyer if you’d been injured in an accident or are facing a volatile divorce, it may never occur to you to hire a real estate lawyer when you’ve made the decision to purchase a home or other property in the Vancouver, Canada area. You may think that no problems will occur because real estate is routinely bought and sold every day, but there is actually a great deal that could potentially go wrong.

How a Real Estate Lawyer Improves the Buying Process

Here at Vancouver Downtown Notary, we provide Vancouver notary public and other legal services on a daily basis. We understand the very real need for a real estate lawyer, and this list represents just a few of the many ways that a good real estate lawyer can navigate the massive amount of paperwork and help make the buying process move along in a safer, smoother manner.

  • Protect Your Initial Deposit: It’s not unusual for a person to get excited about a property and want to get in an offer fast before someone else snaps it up. Your lawyer will ensure that any deposit that you place is received on a conditional basis, which allows you to have the entire deposit returned to you if your financing falls through or the home inspections come back with unsatisfactory results.
  • Negotiation Issues: In some cases, the negotiations over the purchase of real estate can become heated or even downright ugly, but you can leave any potential unpleasantness behind by allowing your lawyer to take care of all negotiations on your behalf. A good lawyer will be experienced in all areas of the negotiation process and is required by law to make decisions that are in your best interest.
  • Cap Those Closing Costs: If you are looking to purchase new construction, then you may expect to pay more than the price of the property due to added on charges that may include such items as landscaping, development charges and property taxes. Your lawyer can file paperwork that places a cap on the total amount that you can be charged in closing costs so that you aren’t looking at an end price that is clearly out of your budget limitations.
  • Prevent Title Issues: The sheer amount of paperwork involved in the purchase of property often leaves room for mistakes that can create problems and delays when it comes time to close your deal. Your lawyer will ensure that this doesn’t occur by carefully reviewing each document that is involved in your purchase, which includes the legal description of the property, the property deed and all closing documents.

Make Your Vancouver Purchase With Confidence

Hiring a lawyer to help you through the buying process can make acquiring your new home a stress-free and happy experience with no difficulties. Please feel free to contact us here at Vancouver Downtown Notary if you need Vancouver notary public or any of our legal services. Our lawyers work hand-in-hand with your real estate agents. For trusted real estate agents in Vancouver, we recommend Cassidy Morgan or Ryan Kubeska.