Notary Public Services – Real Estate Transfer

October 19, 2015 | Published by

At Vancouver Downtown Notary, we know that buying or selling a home is a BIG DEAL and that process can be quite daunting. That is why we stress the importance of having a Notary Public or lawyer to assist you every step of the way.

Buying a Home

When you buy a home, the first step is to sign an Agreement of Purchase of Sale. This agreement outlines each person’s rights and obligations, as well as setting out what must happen before the “closing”. It is always a great idea to have the Agreement reviewed by a Notary Public or lawyer before you sign, as it helps to prevent you from agreeing to something that might not be in your best interest.

When you bring your Agreement of Purchase and Sale to your Notary Public or lawyer, he or she will review it and advise you of the clauses contained within and how they will affect your purchase. Your Notary Public or lawyer might recommend changes to be incorporated into the agreement to better protect your interests.

Once your Agreement has been finalized, your Notary Public or lawyer’s job is to make sure that you obtain what you are entitled to in the agreement. Most importantly, this means making sure that you obtain good title to the property. What that means is that the title should be free of liens, debts, mortgages, and title defects.

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Selling a Home

When you sell your home, your Notary Public or lawyer ensures that you only provide the buyer with what you have agreed to provide. He or she also ensures that the funds from the purchaser are properly received before title is released. Your Notary Public or lawyer will also ensure that any outstanding mortgages and realtor commissions are paid.

If you are selling your home, please us at 778-819-8553 or email at [email protected]