Planning Documents at Vancouver Downtown Notary Public

May 5, 2016 | Published by

At Vancouver Downtown Notary, we prepare a wide range of notary services at a convenient location in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We believe that document preparation and legal services should be affordable, accessible and convenient, which is why we provide flexible hours and mobile notary services.

We have helped many people and businesses with their planning documents, real estate transfers and notary needs. Life can be hectic and we know that legal documentation can seem intimidating, so we make things as straightforward and easy for you as possible.

Do you need to prepare a Will? Sign a Power of Attorney? A Representation Agreement? Or perhaps – you’re not sure? We will guide you through the process, and do things right – the first time.

Types of Notary Document Preparation

Generally speaking, we handle most notary work and you can contact our notary office for a full list of notary services available. Three commonly requested documents that we receive include Wills, Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements.


Wills are an important part of planning for your family’s future. Because there are so many rules when it comes to will making, it is inadvisable for one to make their own will without proper counsel. Contact our notary office to ensure that your will is properly drafted.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that appoints an “attorney” to deal with your business and property.

This type of document is commonly used to allow a third party to help manage financial and property-related affairs. Have you ever wondered what happens if you are rendered unable to deal with your own finances?

It’s good to plan ahead for a time when you may need help. Sign a Power of Attorney for peace of mind! Or, contact us to learn more.

Representation Agreements

A representation agreement is a little different from a Power of Attorney, although both documents give legal power to an appointed individual. Whereas a Power of Attorney allows your “attorney” to make financial and legal decisions for you, you must make a representation agreement in order to deal with health care decisions.

Notary Document Preparation

The legal documents outlined above are important considerations that weigh heavily on your future, as well as that of your family’s. At Vancouver Downtown Notary, we aim to help you gain clarity on all legal matters.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements are not the only planning documents we help with. Whatever your notary needs are – contact Vancouver Downtown Notary today for helpful, friendly and convenient service.