Notary Public Services For Seniors In Vancouver

October 3, 2017 | Published by

Our convenient notary public services help seniors ensure that the proper estate planning documents are in place to relieve some of the stresses of future uncertainty. From representation agreements, powers of attorney, to wills, Morris Notary is dedicated to providing the utmost in care and consideration to the seniors in our community.

October 1st is Seniors Day

This October, take the opportunity to help your loved one(s) draft proper planning documents, which from our experience, is often a big relief to them. The following are some notary public services that are recommended for many seniors:

Representation Agreements

Without a representation agreement, loved ones may not be able to ensure the health decision wishes made by a senior are adhered to by doctors and other healthcare providers.

Seniors often draft representation agreements to appoint a family member to make medical decisions on their behalf in the event they cannot. Family members often best understand the wishes of their loved ones , but are unable to make sure these wishes are followed unless a representation agreement has been prepared in advance.

It’s important to take the time to discuss the wishes of loved ones in your life. If you feel like you understand their intentions – it’s time to draft a representation agreement.


Without a will, a senior’s belongings and financial decisions may not be passed along to desired loved ones the way that they would want them to be.

If one were to pass away without a will, their estate would be distributed in accordance to an “intestate distribution scheme” – which may not align with one’s true testamentary wishes. For example, if one were to pass away, their spouse would have the right to have the family home as part of their share. But what about family heirlooms, money, or valuable possessions?

Any specific distribution of assets need to be clearly defined in a notarized will. As with drafting a representation agreement, drafting a will is important in ensuring that the wishes of a senior in your life are executed properly.

Draft Planning Documents Today

At Morris Notary, we know it can be difficult for a senior with mobility issues to visit our downtown notary office. With this in mind, we provide mobile notary services to ensure that we provide peace of mind to seniors and their families, with as little inconvenience as possible. Contact Morris Notary at (778) 819-8553 for more information.