Notary Public in Vancouver Available During the December Holiday Season

December 11, 2019 | Published by

December can be a difficult time to look for a notary public in Vancouver.

Along with Christmas gifts, plans for the New Year, family gatherings and planning for 2020 – there’s a lot on your plate to handle! Finding a notary public may not be a priority for you during this busy time of year.

We completely understand.

At Vancouver Downtown Notary, we can accommodate same-day appointments at a convenient location in downtown Vancouver, so you can fit in your appointment while shopping in the downtown area.

It isn’t just during the holiday season – we’re committed to keeping our notary services accessible and efficient at all times of the year. Ever since opening Morris Notary, we’ve made it an important part of our business to accept same-day appointments where possible, so that everyone can be accommodated.

Our notary office is located next to the iconic Waterfront station, overlooking the waters in downtown Vancouver. We’ve made our office easy to access, and a pleasure to visit.

What if I can’t make it in person?

We extend our services to accommodate those with time and mobility issues, so we offer mobile notary services to visit those that cannot visit us in person for notarization needs. This is especially relevant for those undergoing the conveyancing process and need to sign papers in person – you need to have a notary public physically present in order to complete the transaction.

Whether you’re looking to fit in a same-day notary public appointment between your busy schedule, arrange for an appointment to take care of all your notary needs in 2019, or simply need someone to visit you for notary services, we are here to help.

With hundreds of five-star reviews on Google, Vancouver Downtown Notary has a proven history of meeting client needs quickly, efficiently and effectively. Contact Morris Notary to get in touch with our notary public, and get all of your notarization needs completed before the end of the 2019 calendar year. It’s your opportunity to start 2020 fresh!