19,000 New Housing Units To Be Built In Metro Vancouver In 2018

December 5, 2017 | Published by

A recent report by The British Columbia Real Estate Association garnered the attention of our notary public as it suggests that Vancouver housing availability may finally be making its way towards meeting demand.

There are people all across Vancouver who are waiting to make their first investment into real estate but the lack of availability has made this difficult. As tens of thousands of new housing units are forecast to be built, this could take the strain off of the city’s real estate demand. If 2018 proves to be the year of your first property investment, here’s how a Vancouver notary public and lawyer can help.

Time To Find A Real Estate Lawyer or Notary Public?

When you find yourself ready to make your first, or next, real estate purchase, our real estate notary public and lawyer’s years of experience can help you complete the transaction efficiently and without any surprises.

During the conveyancing process you will require the assistance of a lawyer or notary public. We can act on your behalf to handle all aspects of the conveyancing process, whether you are the buyer or seller. At Morris Notary, we ensure all documents are completed and signed correctly so that the conveyancing process goes smoothly.

If you are buying property, we also work with you during the due diligence process. This involves reviewing the title to the property; checking mortgages, taxes and fees and conducting a series of checks to ensure the transaction can be completed as intended. On completion, we will notify your real estate agent to confirm the successful closing of your new property purchase. Your realtor will next deliver the property keys and you then take possession of the property.

Find out more about how our real estate notary public can help you buy property by contacting us to have a discussion or schedule an appointment in our Downtown Vancouver notary office. If you’re unable to visit our office, enquire about our mobile notary public services.