Mobile Notary Services For Businesses In Vancouver

May 12, 2017 | Published by

Does your company need a notary public for business documents, HR requirements or other legal documentation? Morris Notary can be of service to you.

Our suite of notary public services accommodate same-day notarizations and mobile notary services. With mobile notary services, we will send a lawyer or notary public to your location to fulfill any legal documentation requirements your business may have.

Mobile notary services are particularly useful if multiple people need to notarize the same document.

Convenient Mobile Notary Services For Businesses

Morris Notary is well-known for convenient, efficient mobile notary services. With over 50 reviews on Google, our clients frequently allude to our ability to travel and quickly perform notarizations.

Here is a quick testimonial from our Google Reviews:

Notary Public Testimonial
We aim to provide the most convenient and efficient notary public services in Vancouver. By offering same-day mobile notary services, we find that our clients appreciate the freedom in scheduling.

Efficient Notary Public Services

Notary Testimonial

Our notary services are streamlined and hassle-free; we make sure not to take up more time than required from your daily schedule, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Flexible Legal Services

Should you require any legal services, Kieran is a fully-licensed lawyer as well as notary public. This means that during his visit, Kieran is able to fulfill legal tasks as well as notarizations.

Our notary services are not limited to those as described on our website. Contact our notary public for special requests, and we may be able to accommodate your needs. We may offer appointments outside of work hours, if required.

Please call (778) 819-8553 to schedule an appointment, so that we may best accommodate your needs.