Mobile Notary Public Services For Sick Individuals

May 15, 2017 | Published by

Do you need a notary public to visit your house, hospital or senior home? Are you acting on behalf of a senior or sick individual? Morris Notary is here to help.

Our mobile notary public services are designed to help individuals receive convenient and efficient notary services without the need to travel. For many dealing with elderly, sick family members or relatives with mobility issues, this can be a godsend.

Morris Notary Is Here To Help

Kieran Morris, lawyer and notary public, is a personal injury lawyer who created Morris Notary after finding that many clients required the services of a notary public who could help them immediately.

The basis of our same-day appointments and mobile notary services at Morris Notary sprung from Kieran’s desire to help those in need.

For the sick and/or elderly, having someone take the time to visit their house can alleviate many problems, and be a huge help to the family. For same-day mobile notary services, call 778.819.8553.

Compassionate Yet Professional Notary Services

At Morris Notary, we enjoy helping those in need. Our mobile notary services are but one of the ways we make the notarization process more convenient.

We are willing to visit hospitals, senior homes, and most other locations that would be convenient for individuals that require mobile notary services.

We hope to make the notarization process convenient and efficient for each and every one of our clients. In the process of doing so, we have amassed over 50 five-star reviews on Google. Here are some of our Google Reviews:

Google Notary Public Testimonials

We hope that our mobile notary services prove helpful to you and your family members. Contact Morris Notary at 778.819.8553 to schedule an appointment today.