May Sees 38% Increase In Vancouver Real Estate Listings On 2017

June 12, 2018 | Published by

It came as a shock to many when the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reported that the number of properties for sale in May rose 38%, compared to May 2017 and 15% month-on-month.

What This Means For Buyers

It appears that the reason for the increase in available stock, is not that more people are selling, but rather that fewer properties are being bought. May 2018 experienced a drop in real estate sales compared to both April 2018 and May 2017.

While more available stock is a good thing for buyers, the city’s market does not yet favour buyers as property prices are still on the rise.

What This Means For Sellers

The fact that property prices are still on the rise, is great for those considering selling real estate in Vancouver, however the slow in sales could raise some questions.

The drop in the number of property sales closing could just be due to seasonality, like the fact that it’s the new tax year, or perhaps it is due to other factors. Perhaps those selling property are expecting it to get snapped up and are therefore putting less effort into the sale. Perhaps fewer people with the funds to buy property are in the the area, or perhaps sale transfers are getting delayed due to incomplete paperwork.

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