Why You Should Meet With A Vancouver Notary This Week

April 9, 2018 | Published by

Yesterday marked the launch of British Columbia’s official Make A Will Week. It is an important week not just for our Vancouver notary public, but for everyone in BC. Make A Will Week is in place to alert people across B.C. to the importance of having a Will in place, as well as the risks of not having one. A 2017 study of 500 B.C. residents, by Mustel Group via BC Notaries, found that only half of those surveyed had a Will. This is even in spite of the fact that 75% of those respondents were homeowners.

Why Have A Will?

The government of British Columbia have made April 8 to 14 official Make A Will Week to help residents avoid falling into tricky situations, should the unspeakable happen.

A person with any kind of valuables or dependents should create a Will but especially those with property and children. When a person dies without a Will, the province of B.C. may decide how a person’s assets are divided and immediately put an orphaned child into foster care – rather than with a person you would like them to be with.

How Do I Create A Will?

The process of drafting a Will is much smoother than many imagine it to be. In some cases, a single appointment with our Vancouver notary public is enough to ensure your Will is properly drafted.

While booking an appointment, we may ask you to gather some documents to bring with you to make the drafting process during your appointment as thorough as possible.

We also offer mobile notary services to busy professionals, families and those with mobility restrictions. If you would rather arrange an appointment at your home or workplace instead of our Vancouver notary office, simply let us know when scheduling your booking.

Is A Will Enough?

A Will is a legally binding document so having one should put you at ease. However, a Will is only effective once a person has passed away. If a person becomes ill and unable to make decisions for themselves, the Will is still not valid. In this scenario, in order to take responsibility for the health and assets of a person who cannot do this themselves, a Power of Attorney and/or a Representation Agreement should be in place. To find out more about these documents, feel free to book an appointment with us to discuss them at the same time as drafting your Will.

If you are ready to book an appointment with our Vancouver notary, call us on 778.819.8553 or send us a message below.