Kieran Morris, Notary Public & Lawyer in Vancouver

December 6, 2016 | Published by

As a notary public, lawyer and Commissioner of Oaths, Kieran Morris has the skills, experience, and tools to provide a wide range of notary public and legal services.

Since Kieran is not only a notary public but also a lawyer, he is able to provide his clients with notary services such as document notarization, powers of attorney, wills, and real estate conveyances, but he can also represent his clients in court.

What’s even better is that Kieran provides these services in an incredibly timely and efficient manner, and at the same or similar cost to any other notary public in the same area. His competitive rates mean that you will not be charged a premium simply because Kieran is both a lawyer and a notary public, but you get the expertise of both.

Why choose Kieran Morris as your notary public?

Kieran has an excellent track record and the best reviews of any notary public in Vancouver. He has achieved this by genuinely liking and caring about other people, making it his personal goal to help people successfully navigate though complex documents and other legal matters. Kieran is also a lot of fun and likes to get to know his clients.

Kieran started his own personal injury litigation practice in 2014, and while practicing he noticed a curious trend. Many people were calling his office requesting notary services, as they could not get a quick appointment at notary public offices in the downtown Vancouver area, or no one was available outside regular office hours.

It became clear to Kieran that access to notary services was not available in a convenient manner to many, due to people’s hectic schedules who might not able to plan days in advance for notary public appointments. He also noticed that it was fairly inaccessible to people with health concerns and mobility issues.

Kieran Morris has YOUR best interests in mind

Kieran has made a point of offering same-day and mobile notary services to further his goal of offering accessible, convenient, and efficient notary public and legal services.

Kieran also strives to ensure that everything is done right, the first time. He makes himself available because he knows that not everyone can drop everything at work to visit a notary/lawyer’s office. There might also be circumstances where there are multiple people who need to sign the same document at the same time, and it is easier for the notary public to come to them.

Making life just a little bit easier for other people has always been the goal.

If you are looking for a notary public who puts your best interests first, please do not hesitate to contact Kieran Morris for any notary public or legal service.

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