Can’t Travel? Hire A Mobile Notary Public In Vancouver

April 10, 2017 | Published by

Our notary public in the Vancouver downtown area is happy to visit your home or office, if required.

A mobile notary, also known as a “traveling notary,” is a notary public who travels to meet their clients in person. While our office is located at a convenient location in downtown Vancouver, we know that it may be difficult for some clients to visit our physical location due to their hectic schedules.

What some people may not know is that mobile notary services can be beneficial to clients for reasons other than scheduling difficulties. For example, multiple parties may need to sign the same document, and it is far simpler for one notary public to travel to multiple people than it is the other way around. As well, you or a member of your family may be ill and bedridden, and require a mobile notary public.

Common Reasons To Consider A Mobile Notary Public

Mobile notaries public are often hired for mortgage closings, or to notarize documents where multiple parties’ signatures need to be collected at the same time. These are some common reasons for which mobile notary services are requested:

  1. Real Estate Closings

If you are familiar with the real estate process, you’ll know that many documents need to be signed and notarized for even the simplest of closings. All signing parties need to be present at the time of signing, meaning that multiple people have to be in the same place, at the same time.

With a mobile notary public, we’ll help alleviate the signing process by meeting at a location where it is convenient for all members to sign the necessary documents.

  1. Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that appoints another person (the “Attorney”) to act as signatory on that person’s behalf for financial matters. If you require a Power of Attorney, you may not always be able to visit a physical location to sign the necessary documents.

While a Power of Attorney can grant another person authority to handle your financial matters if you become incapacitated, they do not allow the appointed individual (the “Attorney”) to act on your behalf with regards to health related matters.

  1. Representation Agreements

A Representation Agreement is similar to a Power of Attorney, except the appointed individual can assist you and act on your behalf with regards to health related matters

This is a particularly important document to have if you are expecting to be incapacitated in the future or if you need help – today. If you or your family are in need of a Representation Agreement for healthcare purposes – sometimes it can really help to have our mobile notary public come to your location.

For the same reason, it may be required for a mobile notary public to visit your location to help prepare a Will or other estate related documents.

Hire A Mobile Notary Today

Our notary public at Morris Notary will travel if necessary, so you don’t have to.

Whether you need a mobile notary public to fit into your hectic schedule, draft a Power of Attorney or notarize a document, we are here for you.

For flexible hours, convenient services and same-day notarizations, our notary public in Vancouver goes above and beyond to ensure the notarization process is as convenient as possible. If you require mobile notary services, simply call us at 778.819.8553 or email [email protected].