Last Minute Notarization for a Travel Visa!

December 9, 2015 | Published by

It happens. You have just spent an hour waiting in line at the Brazilian or Indian Consulate and are told that you need to have a document notarized. Now you have to run around and find a notary public who can get that document notarized today!

That is where we come in. Vancouver Downtown Notary is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, nestled among the embassies of India, Brazil, Russia, Greece, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Peru, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Jordan and more. We are also across the street from Passport Canada!

Of course, what really sets us apart is the fact that we are very familiar with the various visa processes and requirements. Whether you are traveling for employment, school, charity, tourism or medical reasons, every visa application has its own unique requirements and nuances. Although the embassies can set you on the right track, their job is not to guide you through the process; it is your responsibility to fulfill the requirements. Fortunately, because we have done this many times before, we can assist you every step of the way. We can also draft affidavits, statutory declarations, consent letters for children traveling abroad provide certified copies.

We are very familiar with the panicked, last minute, soon to be traveler who needs to have that document signed. Relax! Give Vancouver Downtown Notary a call at 778-819-8553 and we will make sure you are back waiting in that consulate line as soon as possible. However this time, you will have everything you need for your visa.