Have A Busy Schedule? Our Mobile Notary Will Come To You

May 25, 2023 | Published by

Have you ever had to leave work early to make it to an appointment for important document notarization? When time is crucial, and you feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish everything, you might wonder if virtual notary services are available. In British Columbia, the Provincial Government issued two emergency orders on May 20, 2020, allowing the virtual witnessing of Wills and Powers of Attorney through remote online notary services. However, it’s important to note that only these specific services can be conducted online.

Virtual notaries have limitations in British Columbia, as only certain types of documents can be notarized online. For many documents, physical notarization remains the only option. At Morris Notary, we offer mobile notary public services, which is an excellent alternative to consider for several reasons. You can schedule us into your busy day and let our mobile notary come to you. This helps eliminate travel time from your busy day. 

Mobile notaries are particularly beneficial for the elderly or those who have difficulty with transportation, including bedridden individuals. Whether it’s executing estate planning or power of attorney, our mobile notary can provide on-site services, even at assisted living centers or hospitals. This accessibility and convenience streamline the notarization process for everyone involved.

In areas where notary public services are not easily accessible due to limited availability, a mobile notary public becomes an excellent option. They can directly come to individuals in need of document validation, ensuring their convenience and peace of mind.

Overall, mobile notaries offer a convenient solution, especially for those with busy schedules. They also alleviate the stress of arranging travel for elderly or ill individuals who are unable to leave their homes or beds.

How we can assist you:

If you have a busy schedule or are unable to travel to our location, our mobile notary public service provides a convenient and stress-free solution that will come to you. Contact our notary public in Vancouver, and our friendly staff will be delighted to assist you.